Period of creating: since 1995
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General register of earlier music sources (1600–1850) preserved in the Republic of Slovenia

Collection description: About 6000 earlier manuscript music works survived in the territory of the present-day Slovenia. These, together with a number of extant earlier music prints, now form the general fund of the national early music heritage in Slovenia. Old music manuscripts stored in archives at various locations throughout the area of Slovenia were first inventorised at the Institute of Musicology in the form of a loose-leaf catalogue, containing around 1500 units. In 1993 the Institute joined the international documentation-musicology project RISM (Répertoire international des sources musicales), based in Frankfurt-am-Main, which collects and presents such kinds of materials on an international basis within the series A I (Music Prints before 1800) and A II (Music Manuscripts 1600–1850). For this purpose a regional committee of RISM (the regional group for the inventory of manuscripts, seated at the Institute of Musicology) was founded in 1993 for the Republic of Slovenia. Since then the members of the Institute have continued to catalogue these materials within the most up-to date computer systems, and supplement documentation with additional contents. The results of the RISM project are accessible online: The work for RISM has no special financing and is performed as part of the infrastructure programme of the Institute of Musicology, as part of projects and program, and is at times supported by state and municipal grants.

Period of creating: since 1993
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Collection description: Zbiva is an archaeological database for eastern Alps and its surrounding regions in the early Middle Ages.

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Period of creating: since 1989
Database FloVegSi (= Fauna, Flora and Vegetation of Slovenia) BIJH ZRC SAZU

Collection description: The collection contains information on the flora, plant communities, fauna (butterflies, beetles etc.), their locations, native range, environmental parameters, number of specimens, sex, etc. It includes also relevant metadata, such as geographic information (country, region, cities, rivers, peaks), ecological data (habitat types sintaksoni, soil types, anthropogenic impacts, the use of) data types (descriptions, images, synonyms). Data output is made in the form of maps at UTM or Central-European quadrants or precise locations, spreadsheets (phytocoenological analytic or synthetic table) and in text form. Export data to use in GIS applications, Word processing, spreadsheets, statistical tools.

Period of creating: since 1987
Microfilm manuscripts and rare prints

Period of creating: since 1985
Database of Slovenian musicological literature

Collection description: Inventory of current musicological literature for Slovenia is carried out in cooperation with RILM (Répertoire international de littérature musicale), New York, since 1984; in 1991 a national committee for Slovenia, with a seat at the Institute of Musicology, was founded.

Period of creating: since 1984
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ISIM Historical Archive Collection

Period of creating: since 1982
The papers of France Kidrič

Period of creating: since 1953

Period of creating: since 1950
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Green avalanche – yesterday, today, tomorrow - 70 years of regular observations of the Triglav glacier

Collection description: The exhibition features the exploration of Triglav glacier which is one of the oldest continual Slovenian research projects.

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Period of creating: 1946–2016

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